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A new leaf turning…

on October 8, 2012

As the leaves turn rusty and dry and rattle on their branches in the chilly Autumn winds, I have felt a new leaf turning in my life. Once, what now seems like another lifetime ago, President Calton, my mission president in Bolivia, laid his hands upon my head and blessed me that the Lord would make me a “polished shaft”. There was no way he could have known that this scripture from the Book of Mormon (1 Ne 21:2) was a phrase that had been marked in my scriptures for years, and every time I happened upon it I pondered anew what it would mean to be a polished shaft in the Lord’s quiver to be sent out from His bow to hit the mark exactly where I was sent. I never thought during my painful and awkward life that I could ever become polished, but in spite of my lack of confidence in myself I have always longed for it to be so. Heretofore I have always been a broken thing and not useful or effective. But now, I feel a little polish coming on. I think it is time to finally turn again to the Lord and let Him make me into that shaft after all. (I hope this doesn’t automatically post to Facebook. I checked my settings and it says it won’t, but some of my older posts automatically posted there before I even knew it was a possibility and stunned me and probably everyone else who took the time to read them. I hope my posts here in the future will remain, as intended, only on this blog.)


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