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I’m getting older, too

on November 23, 2010

it just hit me that i’m gonna be 32 in just two short months! no worries though; i’m not one to cry over getting older, in fact, i’ve always looked forward to it. i’ve believed for years now that forty-something would be the best time in my life, and i still believe it. i’m looking forward to such a time as i’ve always imagined my forties would be:  my life will be settled then, no more broke pay check to pay check kinda living, no more mac n’ cheese from a box and ramen noodles for dinner…. Kelly will be done with school next semester and then we’re on to bigger and better things. We hope to get rich (not the quick way but the way that requires planning, hard work and dedication to sacrificing “the now” so that “the later” will be all the more luxurious). We should have our dream home and all our children will be growing up…. We’ll do tons together as a family: bike rides, camping, picnics, hiking, watching our favorite shows together with popcorn and laughing. I’ll be graduated. I’ll be a big fish in my small community. We’ll own a lake house with boats and a private dock…. We’ll have a beach cottage that’s walking distance to the sandy shore. Our business will have grown and we’ll be happy bosses of happy employees. There’ll be money for pursuing hobbies and for recreation and vacation and not just for the essentials. We will be in a position to help and strengthen others, our community and honest hardworking business owners whose products and services will bless our lives and sweeten our mortal experience. We will be able to be generous givers and influencial leaders.

Ah, yes! There’s so many reasons to look forward to getting older. I’m just daydreaming of course, but i wouldn’t be surprised if when i finally get to my forties it’ll be even more spectacular than i’ve imagined it could be.

However, i’m not really looking forward to the decline in my physical body. i never thought that 32 would feel old, but it does. i mean i can feel in my muscles the strain of the past 32 years and i get tired so easily. now i can literally fall asleep anytime, anywhere. it’s pathetic but i passed out while kneeling on the floor yesterday.  strange how my body just wants to shut down sometimes.

well, it’s early in the morning. i’ve just been killin’ time cuz i can’t sleep. i’m gonna kill time with scripture study for a while and then try to lie down again…. so this is good night and sleep tight!


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