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Lacie – just six days old.

on November 20, 2010

Welcome to my arms, Lacie.

I’ve held my breath at the rugged Rocky Mountains .

I’ve heard God’s voice whisper through the pines.

I’ve wondered at the quaking aspens,

and listened to the roar of Maine’s rock-bound coast line.

I’ve stood in awe at the mouth of the great Grand Canyon

and watched the waters of Niagara fall.

I’ve climbed about the Andes Mountains

and have been drenched in humid South American jungles.

I’ve chased rainbows and caught snowflakes on my eyelashes.

I’ve bathed in Root Beer Falls.

I’ve seen ocean waves and grassy hills rolling,

and have been haunted by the loon’s alluring call.

I’ve watched the Autumn leaves change color in New England.

The wide open spaces of the West make me feel small;

I’ve gazed at starry constellations,

And I’ve been up to greet the sun at dawn.

But the most breathtaking of all of God’s creations

are my precious babies who chose me to be “MOM”.


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